A site about Corsica, La Castagniccia and Talasani.


James Boswell (1740-1795)

An account of Corsica,
the journal of a tour to that island;
and memoirs of Pascal Paoli.

Illustrated with a New and Accurate Map of Corsica.

Gian Paolo Borghetti (1816-1897) was a Corsican writer, poet and politician. He has been described as "one of the greatest Corsican poets writing in Italian", "one of the most brilliant Corsican intellectuals of the nineteenth century" and "one of the most distinguished minds of our time". We feel that he deserves to be better known, and hope that this web site will go some way towards achieving this end.

Gian Paolo Borghetti (1816-1897)

La Corse et ses détracteurs.

Ollagnier, Bastia, 1870

(French only)